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Friday, April 28, 2006 

List of (not so recent) Anime Series

Now here's a list of really great anime series I would love to have ^_^

Although I never watched all episodes for none of series given bellow, I do remember watching some episodes at AniPop or through DVD rips passed on from friends... and believe me, some of them were really cool!

I guess I've been away from IRC channels and the anime scene for too long, but there are really some great shows out there. I haven't had any luck downloading these titles through BitTorrent, but if any of you kind readers have any idea from where I can get them...

Inu Yasha (Here's the 1st Episode)

Vandread (Just an excerpt from the 1st episode)

Angelic Layer (Here's the 1st episode)

Tsukikage Ran (Just the opening credits)
Although I only saw the first 3 episodes, this is one of the coolest things I can remember watching. It's the female version of Rurouni Kenshin... a female samurai and her chinese friend who journy around japan drinking sake and ending up in trouble.

Comic Party (Here's the 1st episode)

Koko Wa Greenwood (Episode 4 preview)

Ayashi no Ceres (Here's the 1st episode)

Jubei-chan (Just an excerpt)

Gatekeepers (A promo)

FLCL (Another promo)

Suzuka (Here's episode 1)

Ayatsuri Sakon (Here's an excerpt of the 1st episode)

Top wo Nerae 2 (Gunbuster II, and Here's episode 1)

Panda Z (Here's the 2nd Episode)

Full Metal Panic (Just a trailler)

Yakitate! Japan (The 1st episode)

Ichigo Mashimaro (Here's a prologue to the series)

Tales of Phantasia (Here's the trailler)

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