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Saturday, July 02, 2005 

2005 Geek summer events

These 3 seem to be the most relevant, but unfortunatelly I won't be attending any.

Accelerating Change 2005: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification
September 16-18th, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA

Keynote speakers
Vernor Vinge - Mathematician; Computer Scientist; Author, A Fire Upon the Deep; The Coming Technological Singularity
Ray Kurzweil - CEO, Kurzweil Technologies; Award-Winning Inventor; Author, The Age of Spiritual Machines; The Singularity is Near
Daniel G. Amen, MD - Medical Director and CEO, Amen Clinics, Inc.; Author, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; Monthly columnist for Men's Health Magazine

Artificial intelligence ("AI"), broadly defined, improves the intelligence and autonomy of our technology. Intelligence amplification ("IA") empowers human beings and their social, political, and economic environments. As in previous years, a collection of today's most broad-minded, multidisciplinary, and practical change leaders will consider these twin trends from global, national, business, social, and personal foresight perspectives.

The 7th Annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention
August 1-5, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

Convention Highlights:
- Hot Topics: AJAX, Ruby on Rails, and Mozilla
- Keynotes and High Order Bits from: Mitchell Baker, Miguel de Icaza, Drew Endy, Nick Gall, Tim O'Reilly, Kim Polese and many others
- CodeZoo/SpikeSource Testfest Lounge: download high-quality, reusable components
- Tracks and Tutorials: Perl, Databases, Java, Python, PHP, Linux, Security, Apache, Ruby, XML.

What the Hack 2005
Liempde, near Den Bosch, The Netherlands - from 28 until 31 July 2005

What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a large event-campground in the south of The Netherlands from 28 until 31 July 2005. Events like What The Hack take place every four years, and originate from a group of people that was originally centered around a small hacker magazine called Hack-Tic. The magazine's last issue was published in 1993, but for reasons unknown the events have so far refused to die. 1989 Featured the Galactic Hacker Party, then in 1993 we saw Hacking at the End of the Universe, followed in 1997 by Hacking In Progress, and in 2001 there was Hackers At Large.

Check out the program for the event.
There seems to be a bookcrosser attending, with a talk entitled "Literature wants to be free!" lol.

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