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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 

Stephen Malkmus é o maior!

Uma entrevista dada pelo senhor Malkmus ao Pitchfork. Um pouco antiga mas ainda assim muito interessante. Não resisto a deixar um pequeno excerto:

Pitchfork: The song I've been listening to non-stop is "(Do Not Feed the) Oysters". Is it absurd to ask what it's about?

Malkmus: It's sort of about, well, like, sort of a psychedelic world [laughter] where there's, like, crimson alligators and they're in the surf and you can't feed the oysters because oysters jump out and bite you or something. It's kind of a weird world. And then the second verse isn't exactly like that, it's in the real world, but that's how it initially starts, as sort of an evil psychedelic Everglades or something. And it seemed to go with the chorus, "Do not feed the oysters," which I had. That was what I sang first when we were just fucking around in the studio: "Do not feed the oysters..." So I had to build something around that; it starts with something random, it could have been the first line, "Crimson alligators"-- maybe I thought of that first-- but once you say something like that, you're like, "Where does it go?" It's making connections with the words and just letting your imagination wander where ever it goes. But I mean, what are you going to sing about in a song like that? It's hard. I mean, you can't sing about goblins and gnomes. You don't want to go that far.

De relembrar ainda que está previsto o senhor Malkmus voltar a juntar-se ao Dave Berman's e aos Silver Jews para a gravação do novo disco. Não é um regresso dos Pavement, mas quem sabe se não algo ainda muito melhor!

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